Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Month of March - Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March...

The color of sky and water, Aquamarine is a gemstone with the energy of serenity and peace. It has a very calming energy, and is often used in meditation. Aquamarine is a powerful stone for helping us become in touch with our spiritual being and also grow in strength and integrity. It is considered a rejuvenating, healing stone which is soothing to wear. It is calming for the nerves and good for depression. Aquamarine has long been used for protection in travel, especially for safe travel on water. ~

Here are some examples of Aquamarine Gemstone jewelry I've designed and created...


  1. beautiful- thanks for the healing information!

  2. Very pretty, and great info that I didn't know and I have a b'day in March.

  3. lovely color and lovely selections

  4. Beautiful jewelry! Adore the earrings! and March is my birthday month too!

  5. This is my birthstone! I thought your works look really brilliant! I really love the orb necklace. I would like to place my order I just need to ask for my Dad's ok for his credit card. You're the best!

    aquamarine bracelet