Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop Series: Jewelry24Seven

There is a team behind Jewelry24Seven - two very artistic people ...  Bob makes rings, pendants and other jewelry from wire, sheet and tube and gemstones, such as the ring above, featured in their Etsy store. Terry makes fabulous earrings, bracelets and more with chain, wire and a huge variety of beads.

This team of jewelry artisans works in copper and solid precious metals - silver and gold.  Bob also cuts and polishes cabochons, and creates one of a kind jewelry from fine silver PMC (precious metal clay).

Bob and Terri have been in the jewelry business in New York for 26 years. Their handmade silver jewelry features simple, clean design with an emphasis on color - dichroic and art glass, gemstone beads, cabochons and faceted gems. They create unique handcrafted earrings, pendants and rings that are shown in their etsy store Jewelry24Seven. Or you can go to their website Jewelry24Seven.com  to choose handcrafted silver jewelry, custom silver chains, gemstone pendants, artisan rings and hand made beaded earrings.


  1. What a cool feature! Thanks SO MUCH for this blog review ...

  2. Great feature. Just love the ring.

  3. Wow, Beautiful Jewelry! Wonderful feature.